Artist Profile

Harold W. Miller Artist, Sculptor and Educator

    Harold W. Miller is an artist and arts educator, who serves as an inspiration to the many that he taught, helped, and encouraged through his 35 years as a professional sculptor. Synopsis : Born Harold Wayne Miller on September 20, 1957, in Vicksburg, a once war torn town whose blood stained hills caress the banks of the mighty Mississippi River.  His unique work has been said to take you to a place that actually captures one’s most intimate emotions.. Miller is a self-taught sculptor whose fascination with clay began at the age of six when he began to create animals with clay from the embankment of a bayou behind his family’s home. Miller’s creations principally take a retrospective view of his cultural experiences, which primarily were an experience of having lived in a home that rested between a church and juke joint, in a town whose past mindset  inspired him to give relevance to a bygone era . This is demonstrated by the spiritual nature of his African American figures that are depicted singing praises in worship service as they held onto their faith while subjected to the relentless atrocities of living in the south. His sculptures further pay homage to one of their outlets to express their pain through music as he honors the blues. Miller is an intense observer of people, which is where he receives some of his greatest inspirations. He believes an artist has to immerse one’s mind into the natural world and environment of those around them in order to create life-like creations captured in clay. Miller’s best-known works depict African American women as strong, maternal figures. In one original sculpture, Emma , a young African American woman in her Sunday’s best is captured praying. In another piece, CrossRoad Blues , a mixed medium tribute to acknowledge one of the well known Mississippi Folk Tales about the Blues and a musicians desire to have power over it. Miller is well renowned for creating brilliantly colored wind figures whose cloaks show movement in clay as they appear to withstand winds that may challenge one’s dreams. He creates various sculptures that include his extensive knowledge of pottery such as three-faced vases. Furthermore, Miller creates life-sized dolls, bust, frames for his reliefs, masterfully carved wood tables to exhibit his work on and awards. Miller’s formal education to pottery was received at Hinds Junior College in Raymond, Mississippi and Jackson State University in Jackson, Mississippi


    In recognition of his established mastery of sculpture and ability to teach his artistic discipline to children and adults, Miller was selected to be a member of, and recipient of awards and recognition, from various arts foundations and organizations ➢ Recipient of the Best in Show 3D Mixed Media Award at the Atlanta Dogwood Festival , 2019, Atlanta, GA ➢ Recipient of the Best in Show Award at the Great Gulfcoast Arts Festival ( 2017). ➢ Recipient of the Judge’s Choice 3 Dimensional Award, Ridgeland Mississippi Fine Arts Festival (2017 and 2018) ➢ Recipient of the 3rd Place Award at the 61st Saint James Court Art Show, 2017,Louisville KY ➢ Recipient of the 2nd Place Award at the 60th Saint James Court Art Show 2016, Louisville KY ➢ Selected to be a part on the Mississippi Artist Commission Artist Roster. ➢ Recipient of the Best of Show Award at the Gum Tree Festival (2015). ➢ Recipient of the Best in Fine Arts Award at the Art in the Pass Festival (2015). ➢ Honored to receive the Julie Collins Smith Museum of Fine Art’s, Best in Exhibition Award, at the Alabama and Neighbors Ceramic Exhibition, at Auburn University (2014). ➢ Recipient of the First Place Award for Fine Arts at the Arts in the Square Festival, Frisco, Texas (2014). ➢ Received the Pink Palace Merit Award for Sculpture (2013). ➢ Mississippi Finest 40 Craftsmen by the Craftsmen Guild of Mississippi (2013). ➢ New Horizon Community Service Award for Arts (2011). ➢ Grand Cellular South Award for Best in Show (2010). ➢ First Place in the Pottery and Stained Glass category in the Vicksburg, MS Annual Arts and Craft Fair (1992, 1993, and 1994). ➢ Art collections are permanently displayed at the MS Museum of Art, Smith Robertson Museum and Hinds Junior College, Miller has worked tirelessly as a sculptor and pottery instructor to adults and children of all ages and special challenged students as well. He was honored to serve on the Board of Directors of the Mississippi Craftsmen Guild for many years. Miller was selected to participate in a juried exhibit at Auburn University from September-November 2014. Southern Artistry(Southern Arts Federation) Artist Roster 2004 - 2007.


    Miller’s exhibits have appeared at some of the south’s most premiere and celebrated museums such as: The Julie Collins Smith Museum of Fine Arts, Jackson State University, Ogden Museum of Art, Mississippi Museum of Art, Meridian Museum of Art, Smith Robertson Museum of Art, the Southern Arts Federation, the A Gallery, Hinds Jr. College, The University of North Carolina at Wilmington, the National Black Art Festival, and Mississippi Valley State University. In his own words, Harold W. Miller is more concerned with the social dimension of his art than its novelty or originality. “I have always wanted my art to service my people ,to reflect us, to relate to us, to stimulate us, to make us aware of our potential.” Harold W. Miller Handcrafted Sculptures of Brandon, MS can be found on FACEBOOK.